Beach Day

We woke up early to head to the beach for Leah’s birthday. Left at 5:30am and arrived after 9am. Virginia Beach is pretty nice. The girls were afraid of the water. The waves knocked them down a few times. Both are still not in to the whole water in the face thing. Instead they rolled around in the sand and smashed sandcastles. Olivia was the beach wrecker. Not one castle was safe. She managed to smash the sea turtle created by the French family next to us. That was a lovely gesture.

Mom was creamed by a wave. She fell down and was dragged about a yard, leaving a nice big gash on her left knee and shin. Mom also nearly lost her bathing suit top. A monster wave crashed over her causing her top to be pulled up, yes a little skin was seen, hopefully not by many. (One piece is highly recommended while at the ocean.)

We played in the water and sand until 1pm. By then we were hungry and tired. Just as we were leaving a giant wave washed out our blanket and towels. All was soaked. So nice.

We packed up and walked back to the van. On the way Olivia managed to get a large amount of sand in her eyes. They were full. Mom had to dump water into them to help clean them out. Olivia did not have a good time. But she took it well and listened to Mom and Dad and did not rub her eyes. Just hope nothing is damaged in her eye, a scratched cornea would not be good.

We got dressed in the parking garage. Dad held a towel up for Mom while the people down the row were having some sort of car show-off event. Some jokers were blasting their car stereos with gangsta rap. What the heck ever dude. Please people get a life. If you have to show off your dumb car and its sound system at the local beach parking garage then you really need to find a hobby…..or a job.

Once we had dressed and eaten Mom and Dad realized we were sunburned. Ouch! Damn. Forgot to re-apply. Ahh just one more step closer to my date with cancer.


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