For the love of laundry

The washer and dryer set are beautiful but dented. Those jerks delivering them sure were not too gentle. Lowe's delivery crew has much to be desired. They also wouldn't hook up the range because of the wiring. Unless you can plug in the bloody appliance do not expect much from your delivery guys. Daddy figured out how to wire it and all was well. Still we have this grubby old range to move out of the dining room. Guess we'll clean it up and donate it to the Salvation Army. The range and oven are in great shape, just not as big and pretty as my new one.

The machines are so quiet, I hardly notice them running. My clothing is so much cleaner. And they are huge. I can finally wash my quilt and it will get clean. Imagine that clean laundry. Olivia was mesmerized with the inside of the dryer. It is all silver and has a light inside. She tried to climb inside. It must have been very appealing. It does kinda look like a disco inside.


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