Headin' to the Beauty Shop

I took the girls out to get their hair cut. Leah has been in need of a new do, it's so thin that hardly baby barrettes remain in it. Her hair has been so mousey and, I'm afraid to admit it, ugly. I was hoping that by getting a cut her hair will finally grow and thicken. I worried that since her ears kinda stick out, a bit like mine, and with her thin hair cutting it short would draw more attention to the ears. (My thick hair hides my ears nicey.) Olivia was in need of a trim to straighten her hair.

The girls were excited and curious about the parlor. It was tailored for children so it made the warming up part easy. Both listened to the beautician and the hair cutting went smoothly. The best part was seeing Leah's face when it was done. She had the biggest smile. Her hair was cut to just above her shoulders and it looked fab. She looked a bit older than her 5 years, but the length looks so great. She has the perfect face for the length and her hair took it well. And her ears are not a problem! And she made it a point to show off her hair to anyone that would humor her.

Olivia's hair trim was not noticeable. Actually she could have had another 2 inches cut but I was afraid that doing so would impact the length available for hairstyling. I'm hesitant to cut it short since she has such beautiful thick blond hair. I usually try to braid it or do something decorative. Yeah like she'll let me touch it. She has been preferring to go around with her hair in a heap on her head. Oh well.


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