1 bag 2 girls

And a kick to the face. An all around tent brawl broke out between the girls. Leah had managed to get out of her sleeping bag and was trying to crawl into Olivia's sleeping bag. Then the screaming began, the scream of death. All parents know this scream. It usually means your child is hurt and angry at the same time. They sounded like a wolverine trapped in a blanket, thrashing and screaming.

Dad went to break up the fight. Turns out Olivia was sleeping in her bag when a cold Leah tried to get into Olivia's bag. Leah ended up using her feet to cram Olivia into the bottom of the bag and continued to kick and pound the lights out of Olivia. They both were fighting to claim the bag. All this was occurring in their foggy sleepy state. Dad sorted out the mess of legs and arms and got them back in the correct bags.

All was silent.


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