We woke to Olivia this morning announcing: "DEER! I see DEER! Wake up! HI DEER!"

So everyone knew the deer were back. Olivia tried to go pat them, they ran off. And she wondered why they won't come sit with her.

It was a Cold night. The fleece bags were ok still I was cold. I even used the beach towels to add extra warmth along with wrapping my head in clothing for a make-shift hat. Brrrr. We really needed to get moving this morning. Warmth will not be had any other way. The best part of last night was the stars. I woke around 4am. I checked on the girls and noticed the sky. So full of stars. I noticed a few shooting stars, so beautiful I sat in silence for a while. So peaceful and quiet. I miss that. Being in a city you miss out on the everyday beauty.

We used all the wood for fire last night so we had to eat doughnuts. Still no coffee. Why can't I find any magic forrest creature to drop off a mug?


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