Florida arrival

We made it. We survived the Orlando rush hour, which is no where near as horrible as DC traffic. It was different that's for sure. In DC people drive stylish cars and cut you off every 5 seconds. In Florida most everyone sitting in traffic was driving a very LARGE cowboy pickup truck or SUV, and cutting in front of drivers was not nearly as bad. Maybe I just noticed it faster since the bloody vehicles are huge. Oh wait never mind. It must have been the non-stop directional blinking away that caught my attention. FL is the land of the endless directional. Total of 10 people with this syndrome just in the Orlando rush hour.

Highlights of the day's drive south on I-95:

We drove past the lovely Cafe Risque, in its powder blue cottage-like building. It advertises itself as "24 hours of topless fun" among other things. I wonder where else you could go for "food & fun" and plenty of parking. There were many 'boobs over bacon' jokes to be had as we passed that eyesore along the interstate.

Question: What is it with southerners and burning trash? We also encountered this on our drive to Arizona. I can't tell you how much I love driving through a cloud of smelly garbage smoke. Ick.

Award for the biggest Tourist trap of the east coast goes to: South of the Border. What border? I ask this since I am unclear what the whole point of this frightening place is. They advertise via billboards for 90+ miles and do have some funny billboards. Such as: Free water, air and advice

Noticed a sign for a gas station called El Chepo Gas. Nice. Prices are not that cheap. $2.98/gallon.
Lunched at a Wendy's in Georgia. A lovely southern woman and her 3 little boys came in to order food. The eldest boy was wearing shoes, clean and quiet. The two little fellas, the youngest ones, were filthy. Faces were clearly dirty, no shoes, one wore a candy necklace that was melting around his neck. And they both had pacifiers in their mouths! These boys were about 3-5 years old. People get a grip. Take the pacifier away from your child especially if the little one can talk. What the heck is wrong with people? Are you that lazy? Why would you not put shoes on your child's feet? Have you seen the floors in fast food joints? How about parking lots? I lost my appetite after seeing this parade of idiocy.


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