Friday in Florida

Dad and Grandpa went to play a round of golf.

Grandma, Great-grandma, Great-grandpa, the girls and I hung out together. Great-grandma took us to her storage shed. There she has stashed all of her bidding stuff. All of it was in the room we are sleeping in, it filled the room completely. We had her pose in front of her stuff. The whole shed was filled! She buys this by bidding on bins of random stuff at the thrift store. She lugs it home, goes through it and sorts it to sell later at her flea market booth.

After the shed we went to the local flea market to pick up some avocados. There produce section was a long stretch of peddlers selling everything you could think of. We walked the length, searching for the giant avocados. We found a very old looking lady with the best looking avocados. We bought 6. How insane, I seriously doubt that we can eat that much. I bought some pears from a guy that didn't know what to charge me. He must have been new.

Later that day we went to visit aunt Karen and uncle Dann. They live outside of Orlando and have twins, Lindsey and John. The kids had so much fun playing together, there was so much room for them to run around, I know the girls loved that the most.

We had dinner with them and cousin Beth stopped by. Tomorrow is the big day. We need to get all of our plans in order. Beth is working on arranging a special meeting with a princess. Since she works for Disney as a performer she may have the magic to make it a very special day for the girls. That will be so neat. I'm excited.


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