Lewis Falls attempted

We decided to take an early morning mountain walk. We attempted the Lewis Falls hike but were unable to complete it. It was way too long of a hike for our limited time. Olivia was not cooperating at all and we had to take turns carrying her, although Daddy did most of the carrying.

Mom complained.
The girls complained.
Dad walked on.

Finally mom said "No more". It was getting late and the falls had not been reached it was time to turn back. Daddy was upset. He wanted to complete the hike. Daddy had enough ambition for us all. You see Mom's idea of an early morning walk was a stroll around the campsite. Dad's idea was to conquer a mountain trail. Mom's goal was not to have to carry a three year old any further.

As we made our way up the trail we spotted some butterflies. It was fun to watch them flutter around us.

Olivia was not walking another step so Dad went to the site to pack up and we girls stayed at the visitor's center to wait for him to pick us up. We watched a movie about bears and played in the grass. By 12:30pm Dad was back and we ate sandwiches before going home. Leah will be taking home her big find of the weekend her stripy caterpillar, Ed. I hope it's a boy, wouldn't want an irate caterpillar for a pet.

Within minutes of driving Olivia was asleep, soon after Leah closed her eyes. It was a fun weekend and the mission to wear out the girls was a success!


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