We woke to Olivia yelling “Morning time! The sun is up! Time to wake up!”

And I think the nearby campers were also likely to wake after hearing her chant. Mom and Dad were still tired and sore. We got up and got moving. There was a slight chill in the air too; the need for coffee was high. Darn forgot that too. Not even tea or hot chocolate. A warm drink would be nice this morning. I dressed the girls and Dad got the fire going for breakfast.

Oh yes I bet you are wondering what Mom and Dad used to keep warm. Not much. Dad did bring some jackets. Leah has a sweatshirt and Olivia has a fleece pullover. Dad has a fleece jacket and I have a rain jacket, wait reverse that, I took the fleece jacket and Dad has to wear my rain jacket. We slept in the tent on a deflated air mattress (He left the pump at home too) “for padding” and used Grandma’s quilt and the picnic blanket. I kept the jacket on and slept in my clothes. We did our best to stay warm. I’m glad I remembered to bring pillows otherwise it would have been a very terrible night.

This morning we have realized that age is catching up with us. The pain of waking up after sleeping on the bare ground (nearly bare) has us wiped out. Ten years ago we stopped at a site in Utah and slept on the ground, I don’t remember that being nearly as painful, cold yes. Pain, nope. We must be getting soft. We need to toughen up. Or just remember to bring the proper sleeping equipment.

On our way to the washroom we came across 5 deer, one of which was a buck. They were browsing through the tall grass. The girls were glad to see Bambi and his friends.

We ate pancakes and fruit for breakfast, Daddy did a great job cooking the pancakes over the fire, nothing Cajun. The girls shoveled the food into their mouths so fast I was worried they would choke. They were on a mission this morning. Leah has a bug-hut from her birthday that she has been waiting to use. They are determined to find the hut a resident. Off they went to find some bugs.

By 9am we were ready to head out for our day hike. We plan on taking the Dark Hollow Falls trail.


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