Water bomb

The day you trust your three-year-old to drink from a bottle of water as you drive home from the store is the day you will have your purse flooded. Yes, I have experienced a flood of biblical proportions. Olivia managed to "drop" half a liter of water into my purse. I just thought it was a bit wet, brushing off some droplets on its front. Until I went for the checkbook and noticed that it was dripping, then I realized there was more than a bit of water.

I emptied the contents on dining room the table. She managed to really hit me hard, right in the pocketbook. All my cards are soaked. Insurance, voters registration, everything. How wonderful. I never knew I had such gross stuff in there, I suppose the water didn't help, but yuck. It's so perfect that as I am frantically packing and sorting everything for another road trip my purse is wet and I can't put anything in it! At least my phone wasn't in there.

How big of a moron am I? Pretty big. I shoulda known better. I always seem to suffer from pre-vacation brain damage and am especially damaged today.


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