Babble talk, PTO

The song is entitled "I should be allowed to think" and the line is "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness."

From the writer's almanac:
It was on this day in 1955 in San Francisco at the Six Gallery, the poet Allen Ginsberg read his poem "Howl" for the first time. The poem begins, "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness." His friend Jack Kerouac sat on the edge of the stage and when Ginsberg was done, the audience exploded in applause.

This line from Ginsberg's poem, which became a song lyric by They Might Be Giants, was the cause of my loving husband's mental block. The line he told me was in a song, which he thought was the genius of the favored music group, he was unaware until now that it was borrowed. He tried to remember the line, knew it was on NPR earlier in the week. His only response was to recite some Patent law, which of course I took as complete babble talk. So he looked it up and there ends the cloud of forgotten memory.


Anonymous said…
I have a comment to post.

The babble talk, was not babble talke, but the intellect free flow energy of a smart man.

Judge for yourself:
"The doctrine of double patenting seeks to prevent the unjustified extension of patent exclusivity beyond a statement in the specification was inaccurate."

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