The Big 'uns first

We took Leah on the big dog rides right off. No sense waiting to freak her out. Nope. Jump right in, forget about that princess crap. Bring on the fear.

Surprisingly she kinda liked it. She was afraid at first, but then realized it was actually fun.

She did not like getting wet on Splash Mountain, but liked the inside tunnel part, watching the characters dance about. She laughed when Daddy and Grandpa got wet, they were right in front of us. Leah being the smart one ducked down so she could avoid the big splash.

On Thunder Mountian she did not like how fast it was. I, too, thought it was a bit too jerky, you sort of are left rattling afterwards. She survived but declared that she would not ride either again.

No matter off to the next ride. Daddy expects to be here all 13 hours. I hope we can last.


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