Car shopping

What a horrible way to spend a weekend. Car dealers are no fun. I want to look without the pressure please.

There's no way that will happen. Except at the Toyota dealer. The salesman let us look inside a few, answered our questions and did not press us. He gave us his card and mentioned that if we were interested to come back and see him. The Honda dealer was really focused on selling. And selling anything. We wanted to look, not buy. I need to compare the sizes of what all the manufacturers make. This new car has to be fuel efficient, be able to have room for us all, and carseat capable. Oh yeah, be reliable. I want a good engine that will last a good deal of miles and hold up well.

Dodge, Ford and Chrysler are out, Chevy is most likely out. No VW. Kia not preferred. Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and the rest of those high enders not even going to consider. Hummer/Landrover/large suv no way in the world, I might as well drive a tractor.

We're looking at the Asian imports......hmmm. Domestic manufacturers really need to change some things if they want me to buy.


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