James Bond has had a bad day.

The Cav has taken a hit. While trying to pull out of the way of a firetruck he re-ended the lady in front of him. (She slammed on her brakes and he hit her.)


I guess we can't expect to pass the safety inspection now. I was a debate, it could possibly have been able to pass, given the mood of the inspector. Actually I was surprised last fall when it passed, seriously this car has taken a beating and it's amazing it's still running without blowing up. So now we have to retire the old girl. She has been a great car. We plan to drive her until the end of the month, then we'll have to get another.

Or something else. Perhaps commuting to work by horse would be a good revival of an old style of transport. The girls would love to ride a horse. Too bad my yard is the size of a stall.


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