Cypruss Gardens

Was it enough that we spent 13 hours at one amusment park yesterday? No, that was not enough. We went to another one today. Yes we have lost our minds.

It was not nearly as long of a day. We ventured to the local amusement park Cypruss Gardens. A lovely little place full of colorful people. The people at this place were, how shall I put it? Rougher. Made for an interesting day.

Grandpa and Keith were talking big about the Thunder Bolt. I was not going to ride this no matter the level of harassment. Since they happened to talk so much about trying this ride they had to follow through. On the way up these two jokers were the loudest ones, we could hear them 120 feet below. Pretty funny.

The girls enjoyed the double decker carousel. That I have to admit was nifty. I have never seen a two level carousel.

I am tuckered out. Amusement parks have their place and I have had my fill.


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