A Royal Encounter

By the time the parade was over we had an important meeting to attend. We were going to meet four Princesses. Ariel, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella. We had to go to the town hall and meet with these beautiful ladies in a private meeting room.
Our escort took us to the room behind the desk. We put the girls in front so that they would be the first to see the big surprise inside. Breathtaking is not enough to explain the situation. As we opened the door there stood a princess wall. They were beautiful. Leah rushed to Ariel for a hug and Olivia to Belle.
I was overwhelmed. Instantly the chatter began, the princesses focused all attention on the girls. The talked up and down the room. Complete awe.
This by far was worth the visit. To see the look of joy in my girls' faces. They met their role models and that was the best treat of all.


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