Meetin' at 5pm

We were told to wait in Frontierland for Beth and her crew of dancers to make their way through town. We found a bench and waited. The people sitting on the ground in front of us were finishing up their junk food chattering in Spanish. I was distracted by the poorly dressed females parading by. There should be a dress code at the park. I think I have seen more skin here than at a mud wrestling match.

After I came out of my critical scrutiny of the patrons my gaze fell back to the area where the people in front of us were. They were gone but they left all their trash behind. Empty drink cups, half eaten fries - which dumped over spilling cheese and ketchup on the ground, napkins flying away in the wind and ice-cream sticks scattered in the walk. I cannot believe that! All day people have been leaving their trash all over. I know Disney takes great care to ensure that the park is clean and tidy but that does not mean you should be irresponsible. If I had noticed them leaving I would have said something. That irked me.

Meanwhile as the time drew near to 5pm, we were looking out for Beth. She would be coming soon for the Hoe-down. Sure enough Olivia had to potty. I trekked to the restroom with her. By the time I returned I missed the square dance between Daddy and Beth. Darn.


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