Leah was so excited to talk about her class today after school. When we were gathering her school stuff she turned to me and she asked me about squirrels.

Leah: "Mommy did you know that squirrels can live other places?"
Me: "Yes. I..."
Leah: "And that there are some that live in the ground? They dig holes and crawl in them and never go in trees. Those are called ground squirrels."
Me: "Really?" At this point her eyes got big and I could tell she was very excited
Leah: "Yes. And did you know that some squirrels can fly!?"
Me: "Yes, I hear...."
Leah: "They swoop in the air, tree to tree."

After this she began to go on about squirrels and their many differences. I find it to be so amusing how excited she was to tell me about the flying abilities. Leah has become infatuated with the idea of flying. She talks about it every day. That's a dream of hers, to be able to fly into the clouds and see all those pretty pegasuses and princesses. (That is thanks to a Barbie movie.)

And you know, being able to fly and ride on pegasuses sure sounds like a good time to me too.


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