The cost of Organization

Did you know that it costs a lot to be organized?

We discovered this as we were looking and buying closet organizers. Prices vary depending on the aesthetic angle you choose. We opted for the most inexpensive kit. Good 'ol white is fine with us. Especially if it is $40 less than the cherry laminate kit.

You see simply tossing shoes, coats, bags, kids, what have you into the bottom of your closet costs $0.00. However if you want nice shelves, two levels of hanging, a shoe cubby and the look and feeling of order you'll shell out $80+! (That's just for the starter kit, a shoe cubby is $25 more. Ack!)

I will also like to remind you (before you drop everything and get yourself one too) that its dreamy appeal is deceitful. Those lovely organizers somehow eat the space in your closet. Your once BIG closet will somehow seem as small as a sock drawer after assembly.

I do think it looks great and does manage the mess better, but ouch, where'd my arm go?!

Now comes the follow through. I can't just kick off my shoes anymore, I have to take them off and place them in the cubby. The girls can't toss their coats and school bags anywhere. Dad can't keep power tools in there on the floor.

We are organized now.


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