Kitty Dr day

Gaea had an appointment today. I haven't taken her to the vet in about 2 years, yes I am an awful pet caretaker. Get over it.

Her checkup went well. We have a new Dr. and Gaea seems to have liked her. All is good health wise. Gaea has lost 6 lbs now down to 14lbs. Her ideal weight is 12lbs. We're almost there. She's vaccinated and all set for the year. We do need to set up a dental visit, her teeth are icky. Since Gaea is 8 she is considered a middle-aged kitty. Yikes! Already. Now her care has to be taken seriously.

Afterwards I expected to be bleeding. She was remarkably calm and behaved. She was vocal and made an effective point that it was not her choice way to spend the morning. Usually she will be upset with me and give me the cold shoulder. Once we returned home she was very loving and wanted to sit with me. A nice change.


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