A little Tink party

I took the girls to a birthday party today. What a pair of weirdos those girls can be.

When we arrived the girls were greeted by the birthday girl Lexi and her older sister Erin. Lexi is in Olivia's class and Erin is in Leah's class, so it was a perfect greeting. Once we were inside Leah stopped being friendly and outgoing. Olivia was very excited to be there and seemed to be on her way to a successful social interaction. She charged in there and became very willing to chat with her classmates. I had to physically put (force) Leah on a chair next to her friend Erin. It took about 10 minutes, the duration of the activity, for her to warm up and conduct herself in a normal way. I still can't understand why she's so violently shy. Leah fought me when I tried to encourage her to participate in anything.

After lunch Olivia would not put on her shoes and go outside for the treasure hunt. Rather, she stayed inside and watched from the window. Yet Leah was very happy and excited to go on the treasure hunt, afterward she was more comfortable and willing to interact with the other children. Odd. Neither girl participated in the other games, Pin the feather on Peter Pan or Walk Hook's musical plank. No. My girls preferred to play with their friends' puzzles and dolls in the toy room.

I Loved the activities, food, and games. The parents did a wonderful job putting everything together. The funny thing is when Daddy asked the girls about the party both said it was the best time they ever had.

Was I at the same party?


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