Pre-school creates Bullies????

A new study was released from UC-Berkley regarding the effects of pre-school on children. The study "The Influence of Preschool Centers on Children's Development Nationwide: How Much Is Too Much?" revealed the effects of the education for different socio-economic groups.

It was disturbing to see that in their results pre-schoolers are trending to more negative social behaviors. The study is finding that due to pre-school children are becoming more aggressive, i.e. bullying and inconsiderate, i.e. not willing to share. I have a serious amount of questions to ask the scientists. One in particular is that the one group with the over-all least negative impact on social behavior is the middle-income group. The poor families children were showing the greatest negative impact, second the wealthiest group, third lower-income families. Hmm. I wonder.

Could this really be a matter of pre-school or really a matter of home life? Think about it. If you are poor to very poor, working multiple jobs so that your family can have basic needs met, are you thinking about spending time with little Jonny after work? Most likely no. You are thinking more about your desire for rest. Sure you love your children and adore them but if you are working 14+ hours a day every day your own fatigue will dominate.

As for the higher-income families, that is an interesting dynamic. Sure many of these families has a stay-at-home parent, but are they really spending time with their children? Maybe not as much as they could. Most wealthy parents are concerned about little Jonny's social trophy status. Is their little prince the best at art, sports, academics, etc.? If not he will be and the nanny will be sure to cart that fellow off to numerous little tee-ball practices and tutoring classes.

I think what it really boils down to is parental involvement. The less time you spend giving love to your children the less likely they will be angry little people.

Moral: Love thy children and be willing to spend time with them.


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