Raking away the stress

What a nice day. So warm and fallish. Sunny and breezy. Lovely.

We raked the leaves in our yard and the yards of our closest neighbors. Actually Keith raked most of them, I did a little bit, I stuffed a few bags full. The girls were very helpful. They raked here and there, swept to and fro. They were very willing to test the jump-ability of the giant leaf piles we made. Based on their gleeful screams the piles met their approval. Keith placed the largest pile in a nice location next to the oak tree. As he stepped inside for water the girls attacked the pile. 3 seconds later it was flattened. They took off to play in the grass leaving the mess behind. As if he wouldn't have know the identity of the culprits.

How can I forget the fun of my childhood? I always looked forward to making a giant pile of leaves to jump into, the bigger the better. Simplistic fun will always be remembered.

I had the important task of baking a pumpkin pie and roasting a chicken for supper. (It was tasty I might add) This left me with not nearly the outside time I hoped for. I put most of my effort in the weeding of our front garden. (Where does all that stuff come from? Weed fairies?)I'm training my rosemary bush to grow back into the garden instead of creeping towards the walk. I had to use some of my garden rocks to lay on the branches, I'm gonna get that bush to fill in some gaps whether it likes it or not. This bush has gotten so big in a year, I think it has doubled its original size. What a good gardener am I! This rosemary bush has been very hardy, over-wintering well, allowing me to enjoy fresh rosemary year-round.

Mmmmm. Rosemary.


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