Children's party

There was a children's party at work today. I brought the girls in to spend the day as my assistants. They were very helpful and had so much fun. They happily filed papers (recycled my office paper) and chatted about the mystery of seeing Santa later on that afternoon.

They learned how to make space rockets from Captain Jason, who also was a very good hide and seek player. They drew pictures of castles, ponies and Broncos, thanks Derek! Shehla took them for a walk around the building treating them to candy and hot chocolate. Which they were so very excited about.

4pm Off to the party we went. Leah was mesmorized by the carolers. She sat and watched them, lost in her musical world, until I had to tap her and ask if she'd like to see Santa. It was nice to see her so interested in the music.

We ate some cookies, stood in line and waited patiently to have a moment with Santa. They both happily sat on his lap and politely asked for a pink pony (Olivia) and a Pegasus Barbie (Leah) before taking a moment to have a picture taken. Santa reminded Olivia that ponies were a lot of work and that if he were to bring one that she would have to promise to take very good care of it. After Santa we decorated some cookies and watched the carolers for a little longer. By the time that was over they were very tired and ready for home.

It was a very exciting and busy day. Olivia slept the whole way home. Meanwhile Leah talked non-stop, for an hour, about everything from Santa to her friends at school and there odd habits. At one point I had a glimpse of the future, Leah as a chatty teen.


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