Happy tamale Eve

It is our little family tradition to have tamales for our Christmas Eve meal. Well actually this is a carry over from my husband's family tradition. My family has cabbage rolls, which is funny now that I think about it, both traditions include a meat mixture rolled into a leaf. Interesting.

I had planned for a nice southwestern meal. One that would make Martha proud. I picked up the frozen tamales, come on now, do ya really think I was going to attempt to make them from scratch? I'm bold but not el stupido. I bought the tasty avocados, what nice guacamole they would make; the mango, cilantro and tomatoes, what yummy salsa you would make; the key limes, what nice compliment they make for the beer; shrimp, what zippy cocktail they make. Everything was lined up and ready. But it didn't quite happen as planned.

Here's how the day went:
Woke up 730am, girls were hungry and energetic. Daddy fed them yogurt and juice. Mommy & Daddy exercised then showered.

10am Mommy and Daddy ate a hearty and heavy breakfast of huevos rancheros, to go along with the southwestern theme, gotta be consistent, eh.

11am-1pm The whole family raked and bagged the neighborhood leaves. It was our Christmas gift to the neighbors. That sure was a new way to spend the holiday, if anything we got some exercise. But we will NOT have any more leaves blow into our yard. Everything looked so much better afterward. It was eerily quiet around the street, no one was around, perhaps at relative's homes. Maybe everyone was home but were afraid that if they came outside that we would force them to help. Ehh. Maybe we would have, who knows. The girls had fun jumping in the piles. It was fall deja vu.

By lunch time I was still not hungry, see that's the beauty of huevos, they fill you up for most of the day. Daddy suggested that we go to McDonald's (the Narnia toys are in the Happy Meals) for lunch. The girls were very excited to go there, I hope it's not for the food as much as it is for the play area. The girls ate their food all the while eyeballing the play area. We were asked after every bite if they had "eaten enough yet" before they could go play. I tried to eat a salad, still too full, why did I even try to eat anything? Good grief I'm stupid. I don't even know how Keith was able to eat that cheeseburger.

We watched the girls play in the play area, they had a ball. It was odd being at a fast food restaurant on Christmas Eve, especially since it was just as busy as any other day. Way too weird. Although I was very irritated with a lady there. Her bratty little boys were spitting on any child that happened to come out of the slide. What was the mother doing? Oh nothing but chattering on the phone with someone. Good thing an older kid told those boys to stop, I really didn't want to have to tell that woman to control her children.

230pm We came home to a phone message, our neighbors invited us to a little party at their house. We of course were not hungry at lunch and didn't expect to eat until really late anyhow so we figured we head over. Besides they always have good food, they have good taste.

230-5pm Everyone did their own thing. Daddy watched football and played a computer game. Leah and Olivia played dress up and watched a movie. Mommy made jewelry.

5pm There was tons of food at our neighbor's house, and we even brought along our tamales, we knew we'd be there most of the night. And what did we do once we got there? Why eat of course. There was caviar, latkes, breads, cheeses, meats, spirits, desserts, so much good food.
I'm really not doing well at the preventing weight gain goal.

After the party we came home bathed the children and put them to bed so that Santa could do his job and deliver all those presents. The big day is only hours away and it is going to be a whopper!

Merry Christmas!


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