Knitter's Eve

I went with my neighbor-friend Amy to the knitting store, Capital Yarns. We wandered around lovingly touching all the skeins of yarn. We dreamed of all the projects we could make, cashmere is so very nice.

I found the various projects made by the store staff to be very impressive. There were so many neat ideas, inspirational. I loved the great use of color and texture, there are some very creative ideas in the knitting world. I thought the beaded purple scarf was divine. The elegant white lace-like shawl was exquisite. Oh one day I hope to be that skilled. All in due time.

I decided to buy some yarn and two sets of needles, a 13 and 15. I have been wanting to use a larger grade of yarn, all that tiny stuff takes so long, I'm eager to get things done quicker. Amy is taking on the new project of afghan making. It's going to be a long-term project. She found a book that has good ideas and she's going to try on her own. A woman with a mission.


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