Stealth tactics

My husband told me a story about an attorney. This seasoned, successful attorney was happily married to a strikingly beautiful woman, so there was no need for his eye to wander. A proud gentleman, dearly loved his wife and children. He never fooled around. However he had a very interesting strategy for his office. He would hire the most beautiful, model beautiful if possible, assistant he could find.

I can see your eyebrow raise.

You see he would hire these beautiful women as a distraction. These lovely women would provide the most subtle sort of diversion. This center piece would cause competitors to focus on nothing but this striking woman. An ingenious tactic. Leaving people wondering about this attorney's ability to hire and retain such a pretty assistant. And of course what else could be going on.....why else would he hire such women?

That's brilliant. So long as the assistant remains eye candy and nothing else.


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