Badgers and girls

Olivia woke up this morning in a good mood, as usual. She was very ambitious too. In a typical morning I have to encourage the girls to get dressed and ready for school. They of course prefer to play and be in the moment, and who wouldn't? After my morning shower and getting dressed routine I usually have to chase after them and try to get them dressed and hope they will want to eat breakfast.

I have come to realize one thing about little girls. Trying to dress a three year old girl in clothing that she does not want to wear is similar to convincing a badger to put on a pink tutu. When Olivia has her mind set on wearing a dress, a pink dress usually, that is all she will wear without that whole dramatic crying thing. There is nothing I can do to get her to wear anything else. It can be particularly frustrating when say, it's raining and super cold and Olivia has her heart set on that cute little yellow sundress. It takes great power of persuasion to get her to wear something more reasonable.

Usually we have to come to a compromise. So it would be the sundress over a long sleeved shirt with leggins. It's ok, I suppose, it could be worse. So she's not perfectly dressed at least she'll be sort of warm and comfortable. Oh and it helps to be an irresistibly adorable blond little girl.


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