Tumble away

The girls officially are enrolled in a gymnastics class. It is time for them to become involved in a group activity and since they like to run and have tons of energy to burn this is the best solution. We needed to select the appropriate attire for the class so off to Target we went. I looked at some leotards and the other dance clothing. I asked Olivia is she wanted a new leotard. She replied, "No. I want an Olivia-tard". Ahh yes of course. So now we must refer to hers as an Olivia-tard.

Olivia had a blast on her first day. She carefully listened to the instructor and took right to the tumbling. A natural athlete. She loves to be active playing, the fact that she has very little fear also helps.

Leah was more timid. She's not very comfortable in group settings with strangers. It took a bit more coaxing with her, actually urging is a better word.

Maybe next week will be better.


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