Bird Lady

I admit. I am becoming a weirdo bird lady. I have become so fascinated with watching birds that I find myself wondering where else to put a bird feeder. I bought a feeder a while ago, put it in a decent location in the one and only backyard tree. For 2 weeks all was well. Until that damn squirrel decided to get greedy. His big squirrel body banging around on the feeder caused the big crash. The seed tray broke off, ok, not a prob, everything else was fine. Considering the aggressive nature of a hungry squirrel I decided to locate the feeder to our front porch. Yes the tulip tree would have been a better choice but then I'm back to the whole squirrel attack. The feeder being on the porch has its advantages. No squirrel bogarting the seed and I can watch the little birdies easier. Bad part is that the porch is covered in seed, messy little things those birds are.

Yet I wonder how much longer until Mr. Nosy Squirrel figures out how to get to that feeder. I watched him scope it out. He sat on the iron railing guessing how much effort it would take to jump up onto the feeder. I am, of course, thinking he's doing this based on this guy standing on his hind legs looking up at the feeder as if he was gauging its distance. Smart bugger.

Anyway, so I bought another feeder, and it too is busy with birds. After dropping off the girls I found myself sitting in the car watching the feeders for 15 minutes. I began to talk to myself, getting excited when I saw a black-capped chickadee, female cardinal, and some LBJs, wondering if I should move my Peterson's Guide to the car instead of in the basement library.

When I begin to create a matrix of all the birds I see daily, then I'll know I have become a crazy bird lady.


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