Blades without the ice

Today was a cram-everything-into-one-day day. Daddy signed the girls up for ice skating lessons to begin soon. He wanted to go scope out the rink to get a feel for the place. The Fairfax Ice Arena was our destination. We were a little behind, getting there around 1pm. Little did we know how busy this place was going to be. There was not one spot for us to park in, people were circling the lot waiting for anyone to leave those impatient sould were parking in any open space including the sidewalk.

There went the ice skating activity. Daddy was bummed, Mommy was bummed. That's incredible how busy the place is, not enough parking for the patrons, it has to be a problem. I'm not accustomed to rinks that are heavily used, space is such a problem in this region.

Instead of going home for another boring Saturday we tried bowling. This is the first time the girls have been to an alley. I think they enjoyed it, at first it was a little odd for them. They could barely toss the ball with enough speed to make it to the pins. Leah tossed one ball that needed to be rescued, always the embarassment. Yet Daddy found it funny to blame Mommy for the dead ball on the lane.

Funny thing is Mommy did worse than Leah. I got a whopping 75 points! Leah scored 80 and Olivia 70. Daddy was the big scorer with 115. And did I mention it was at a bumper lane we were using? Yep, that's how bad we are at bowling. Daddy found it amusing to gloat about his victory and that Mommy scored less than her daughter. Oh well, it has been 12 years since I've bowled, guess I've lost my touch. That's okay, I'll find my groove. Tonight I will have my victory.


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