Huge Nut

Olivia went to bed last night in a terrible mood, far grumpier than she should be. I thought nothing of it until this morning when she complained about an ear ouchy. She felt slightly warm and I considered not worrying too much about it, figuring it to be a matter of sleeping wrong. Then I remembered that she woke up at least 3 times last night crying about her ear. The first time I presumed was a nightmare-sleeping-in-the-wrong-position problem. Olivia has never had a problem sleeping. She was the baby that would push you away and crawl for the crib when she was tired. This girl likes to sleep.

I took her to the Doctor and as she was sitting on the exam table she was asked what hurts. Olivia said "I have a huge nut in my ear." The doctor asked how a nut got in there. Olivia responded "Last night I was sleeping like this (she demos laying on a pillow using her hands laying on her left side) then when I went like this (she lays her head to the right) a Monster snuck up in my bed and put a HUGE nut in there. And now it hurts. It makes me cry." With that she puts on a very sad face, pouty lip and all.

The doctor inspected her ears. There are no actual nuts in there. Just a little ear infection. She told Olivia there was a big pink nut in there and that only pink medicine can make it better. To a little girl that made perfect sense. And she willingly took her pink medicine.

Now we wait for the infection to clear and soon she will feel better.


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