Metro people have no manners

Ok. I'm tired of all the people riding the Metro that cannot understand the rules. I say cannot due to my presumption that most people in this country can read. Metro has done a ton of promotion on the follow the rules angle. Yet violators are evident daily.

You eat on the train
You drink on the train
You push others out of the way to get a seat
You sit on your seat mate, please look before sitting, your aim needs work
You won't allow needy folks to sit and YES pregnant women should sit
And for the love of Pete be quiet on your bloody cell phone. If you have to talk loud to be heard by the talkee, then maybe you shouldn't be on the damn thing.

Maybe it's a matter of not wanting to understand these rules. I suppose people are just rude and inconsiderate. How sad. Three years ago I at 8 months of my pregnancy gave up my seat for a man with a broken foot since no one thought he really needed to sit. I guess it really wasn't important that this guy sit, I mean losing his balance and crashing into people is better than giving up a seat.


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