Purl me one more time

Ok. I have the knit stitch down like a master. I have been putting off the learning of the purl stitch. Like I need it. I do. I'm tired of the boring knit only pattern. I want to add texture and make my scarves more interesting. I'm stickin to the scarves for now, seems to be an easy project for me. But if I want to make clothing then I have to learn the purl.

I had taught myself last night using the handy little drawings in my cute little book. This will take some time for me to get. Purl is a bit more of a pain, I have to pay attention and man that's a bummer. I know it will come easier so I shall keep to the purl and then on to the nifty patterns I go.

I want to make socks and hats, they look fun. I really dig the sock thing, I love woolen socks and prefer not to pay $10+ a pair. To make a sweater would be great, not sure if I could commit to a long term project like an adult garment.


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