Rack 'em

Last night was Parents' night out. The dance school our girls attend offers a night where we can drop off the girls and they are kept busy with activities. We had a few hours to go out and do grownup stuff. We were there promptly at 630pm and went to Fast Eddie's to play pool. I hadn't played in forever, this was a good choice.

We grabbed a table in between drunken chain smokers and racked up. Yes those dopes on the left next to us made fun of me. I suppose the action of waving away all of their smoke blown towards our table made it clear to them that I was an irritated non-smoker. I just love how smokers think that because they are in a place where they have the privilege to smoke that means they have the right to share their puffs of toxic smoke with all. I really dig the free toxic clouds, it's so choice.

You know, when a giant cloud billows over my table, then I have a problem. I don't want the distraction during my shot. There is plenty of room next to their table, but you know why they blow away from their table? 1. They're stupid. 2. To drive me crazy since they know I'm a non-smoker and 3. Because then they would have a difficult time seeing their table to make a shot. But then again I doubt that would matter due to their being so drunk.

Ok so maybe I am an irritated non-smoker jerk.

But they're still dipshit drunks. Their conversation consisted of the decision of the designated driver, I was waiting for a round of rock-paper-scissors for the final decision, it would have been faster. You see when all 4 have been drinking beers and several rounds of shots it becomes a matter of who's not as drunk rather than designated driver. Considering that the night really was beginning I expect them to be there a long time working that out. I'm sure the decision for the designated drunk would end up fine.

Other than the jerkos next to us the night was great. Our server was great. She was a cute gal with enough attitude and sass to knock any out of line guy into the next time zone. She had an air of 'I'm a bitch on wheels so you just better watch it buddy'. Too bad she has to deal with idiots. I suppose we were a nice break for her, and that's why she treated us much better. And we left her a nice tip, she deserved it.

During my freshman year of college I learned to play pool. It was my escape. My only source of stability. That table would be there for me, something for me to work out my problems and relieve the stress of a major life moment. I hated being in Iowa. It was far from home and all the new people were so very different, I was uncomfortable in my new surroundings. That led to an obsession of the game. I would study my days efficiently so that I could devote the nights to playing. I'm glad because that is what motivated me, otherwise I may not have done as well in school, with all the other distractions to choose from.

About last night's gaming:

Keith's effort was very good, but lacking in focus. Last time we played it was in college during a retreat, he wasn't wearing glasses, so I assumed that's why he was playing poorly. I think actually he's not so good at the billiards. We'll need to work on that some more. I know he'll be excellent at this if we keep practicing.

I had a good time. Now that I think about it, we should have nixed the dinner and stayed at the bar playing pool. I kept saying "We have time for one more" trying to squeeze another game in before dinner. I am a woman obsessed. It's over, the monster has been awoken, it needs more pool.


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