Fairy tales are scary

We parents worry about what our children see every day on TV, but wow, have you ever really read a fairy tale? There are some violent scary stories for you. I realize that those sort of bedtime stories should not be read to my little ones.

I have had to explain an incredible amount of human psychology to the girls. For example Snow White (written by Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Karl, 1785-1863) is terrifying. I grew up on these tales, maybe that's my problem, but reading them again I have realized that it is inappropriate for my girls. It is perplexing why your parent would want you dead and sends a scary big guy to take you into the forest to kill you.

Leah and Olivia will play together and lately they will say something such as "you're the mommy and pretend that the babies die" or "I killed you, lay down and look dead."

I am horrified when I hear this. I had to stop them the other day and convey how devastating it would be for a Mommy or Daddy to have their baby die. I hope they understood, it just frightens me when I hear them discuss death in playtime.

It's time to put those books away and wait a little bit longer......Pretend death is freaking me out.


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