Happy St. March Patrick Madness Day

It's the perfect day of the week for all to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day festivities. I heard that people were waiting for the bars to open their doors in Georgetown at 10am this morning. Now that is dedication. I wonder how many people called in sick around this region today?

I worked the night shift and the library was so empty, we were the only people in the place. It was worse than the Christmas holiday. What a day. It just dragged on forever. At least I was able to get some work done with all the quiet.

Once 8:15pm rolled around I was glad to be on my way home. Since I couldn't have the corned beef and cabbage for supper on account of lent all that was left was to have a beer. It wasn't green but I imagined it was. Ahhh beer. That was nice.

This is just not as important of a party holiday to me anymore. I was more pleased to watch basketball than anything else. I am officially a boring old parent now.

Irish cheers and go team!


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