Outside please!!!

Since the weather has been so nice this week the girls have caught a case of spring fever. They spent all day outside. Bikes were a main part of the activity list. Along with running and drawing on the sidewalk. Which is great for them to be so active. We began the day by having an all family 1/2 mile run. Actually Daddy and Leah ran, Mommy had to drag Olivia to walk. Leah managed to keep pace with Daddy and carried on a conversation, she is on her way to being a great long distance runner. Olivia, well, she might make a better extreme sports competitor. Olivia crashed her bike and wiped out good, but she got good air. She managed to scrape up her face and knees. Still she kept riding. You can't stop that one, no sir.

They were so busy being kids that they hardly had the time to think about TV or sitting still for that matter. Yet I found myself being annoyed saying the mom phrase "In or out. Stay in one place." Why do kids come in and out so often? And for no reason really, I assumed for bathroom breaks, nope. The parenthood curse is difficult to avoid.

We had friends over for supper, a bbq southwest style. The girls gobbled up their food in hopes that they would be able to squeeze some more play time outside. Last bite in mouth and the shoes were on. They pleaded and whined but that didn't work.

The weather may be warm but the sun still sets early. Olivia was very upset when we told her she had to stay inside for the rest of the night. By her reaction you would have thought we told her the boogie man took her tricycle away. They both grumbled about not being able to go back outside to play in the dark. So Dad set the grumpy grapes up in the living room with a movie to watch. They chattered loudly for 15 minutes and quieted down. By 8pm both were sound asleep. Completely wiped out asleep, sprawled out all over the floor and couch, if you had walked in and seen them you would have thought the house was gassed. This was an unexpected reaction. All week they have been awake until past 10pm, talking and keeping busy in bed.

And I expect them to wake up again at 630am ready to bound out the door to ride bikes tomorrow.


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