Olivia woke up early this morning. She ate cereal with Daddy and quickly dressed herself. I was pleased with her motivation. Then I learned her motive. That pink tricycle sitting on the front porch was calling her.

I realized this as I just wrapped myself in my robe and was getting dressed when she charges into my room for help. She needs me to zip up her jacket. I presumed that she was just all ready and going to wait until we left for school. Then she says "I'll be outside with my bike, Mom." as she runs down stairs. I dressed fast and went after her.

I found her struggling to pull her tricycle down the porch stairs, the wheels were jammed in between the wrought iron railing, causing it to be a very difficult task. She had a look on her face that seemed to be very determined and annoyed. She tugged hard and lost a shoe yet the bike didn't budge. She kept tugging even after I told her I would help. I managed to pry her off the bike long enough to wrangle it from the railing and set it on the sidewalk. She hopped on and was about to ride when I pointed out her missing shoe. She paused long enough to consider its importance to her and by the look on my face she judged it to be necessary.

This one is going to be hard to get away from the bike.


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