Time to get Serious now....really..I mean it....sort of

Yep. I'm going to have to get serious-oso on the being healthy thing. Hi. I'm a Mommy and I have a high blood pressure problem. Well, not yet, but soon.

I'm on the borderline of hypertension, called pre-hypertensive and if I continue my lazy ways of reduced activity and being so addicted to sugar that I will have to live in hypertension-ville. I don't want to live there, I hear it's a bad neighborhood.

I must get active, remain active and become fit again. I have never had a problem with weight, always was the girl that could eat anything and not really worry about the gaining part. And lo there is the 'ole age factor riding up behind me, pulling me into the fat farm. I have signed up to take a pilates class starting in April....which reminds me, I need to study for that class. I've got to start preparing my abdominal area now just so I can keep pace.

The hardest thing for me is that I despise forced exercise. I prefer to be out doing things, with a purpose. A hike. A bike ride, gardening, something with an achievement. I have been trying to run in the morning, which I must admit has not gone well. I can hardly breathe and fight to maintain pace for more than 2 minutes. I am a loser, yes. I just like fast results and this waiting to get better thing is so irritating. I have to stick to it, keep forcing myself to run more, I hope soon I'll be able to run longer distances.

I need a running buddy.


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