Cliff notes of the drive down:

We encountered a massive accident around Richmond. The South bound traffic on I95 was completely closed, traffic was diverted off ramp. It was a long wait with no traffic direction.

Stopped at a McDonald's for breakfast. The girls refused to eat their egg mcmuffins because mom makes them better. They ate bananas, cheese, yogurt and fruit snacks.

For lunch we ate Wendy's filled up the gas tank and off we went. Saw plenty of interesting people eating.

Supper was Sonic outside of Orlando. Leah ordered a corn dog she didn't eat. Instead she ate the rest of our cherry tomatoes and my salad. Olivia ate her chicken nuggets. They split a chocolate shake. Mommy bogarted the vanilla shake.

Arrived at the hotel around 11pm. We were eager to be out of the car, too much time sitting. Time for bed, what a long drive.


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