Everglades Day

Early this morning we left the beautiful hotel behind us and on to the Everglades. It was an overcast day, slightly warm, yet cool enough to need a long sleeve shirt. We arrived before lunch just in time to catch a boat tour. This was a 2 hour ride through the Everglades. Good timing. Otherwise we would have to skip the boat ride.

It was fun. There were several people from many different countries. Everyone was snapping pictures. Mostly we saw birds, I suppose fish would be harder to see. This trip was great since we were lucky enough to see some dolphins swimming around. I tried to get some good shots but with the boat rocking around so much it was difficult to get a stable frame. Oh well. Sure was neat to see the momma and her baby playing. After the boat tour it was off to the Great-grandparents' house.

We arrived in time for supper. The girls were happy to get out and play in the lawn. As I grabbed our stuff from the van I thought 'That's great we actually remembered everything. We are so good.' Only we aren't. We left the seashells somewhere at the hotel maybe? So far the girls haven't noticed. Dang. I was going to make some great beach jewelry. We had a good sized bucket full of pretty shells. There would have been some great earrings from those tiny clam shells. What a bummer.


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