Great-Grandparents overnight visit

This was a much needed end to our trip. It was nice to relax and spend time with the grandparents. I love the comfort I feel when I'm there. The girls loved going through all the toys in grandma's toy box. Hours of fun for them. Grandma gave me a load of napkins. (Thanks so much!)

Of course my husband thinks I'm wacko, "Why do we need more?" he asks. I say 'Because now I can toss the old-thin-as-tissues-no-good-for-wiping-your-face-of-anything-napkins into the rags box and exchange them for these more durable cotton napkins.' And I might add are much prettier. There were all sorts in this box, a good variety of sizes and styles, some were onsies which is what I love the most. I am very thankful for this treat-gift.

He still thinks I'm wacko.


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