Here we are

We are staying at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa in Bonita Springs, Fl. Wow it's beautiful. The room is beautiful and comfortable. I want to take the bathroom home with me.

Daddy woke up early and went to the conference by 8am. We puttered around the room. I went to the local Albertson's for breakfast. I cannot convince myself to pay for $13.00 pancakes the girls won't eat at one of the fancy hotel restaurants. Not even the coffee shop had anything reasonable. The girls won't eat bagels. There were no more danish-like items in the case. I guess we were too late. So for that reason I picked up some cereal and juice as well as fruit. This will last us for the next 3 days and save us some money, they are snacking so much nowadays. The girls were so hungry they ate their chocolate covered donuts in the back of the van in the market parking lot while I loaded the groceries.

We had a bit of time to explore the hotel before lunch. The lobby is huge and beautiful, filled with stores and restaurants, the typical over-priced stuff. We went outside to seek out the pool. I didn't know there were 3. They were beautiful. We sat poolside long enough for me to read a chapter of Charlotte's Web to the girls. There were too many distractions. We put the book aside to keep on exploring. The girls were most amused with the butterflies in the gardens. We played there for a long time.

We met up with daddy for lunch at a local pizza joint. Afterward we spent the rest of his break in the pool. By 3pm the girls were hungry and ready for a rest. They hungrily gobbled up some fruit and juice. We watched PBS to unwind and in no time Olivia was asleep. Leah didn't fall asleep for another hour, she too was tired. Swimming always makes them sleepy.

Sunburn did get us, tomorrow we'll go earlier to the pool.

While we waited for Daddy to be done with his last class I knit a few rows of Olivia's hat. I'm thinking that by the time I finish her head may be too big. I did measure and added a bit more for growth. I suppose I can donate it to the church this fall. I really hoped to get more knitting done, just haven't had much time.

Daddy arrived back to the room around 6pm. It was nice outside, perfect for a walk around the grounds. Keith wanted to walk to the bay. This took longer than expected. By the time we returned the girls were grumpy hungry. Instead of going to an offsite restaurant we ate dinner at the Tangline. Of course the girls nibbled on their food, they didn't eat as much as I hoped. It was nice to eat outside and watch the sun set, the warm breeze was lovely. Afterward we sat in the great room played checkers and listened to live music.

When the music became too loud we took a walk outside. There we found a good place to lounge on the chairs and gaze at the stars. Daddy pointed out stars and the girls asked a million questions.

We made our way back to the hotel girls running all over. They danced around the fountain and goofed off in the grass. Once back in the room it was time for Narnia. Lights we out at 1130p, I can't believe the girls stayed up to see the whole movie, mom fell asleep right away.


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