Off we go

This morning we woke up at 3am to be ready to leave by 4am. I was very groggy, not really rested, generally out of sorts. Sleeping so little makes so very confused. I stumbled to the bathroom for a shower hoping it would wake me up. Since Keith jumped out of bed he was just finishing his shower. As I brushed my teeth Keith says to me: "I bet you're thinking 'Guantanamo (bay naval base) prisoners have it better than I do now' and I say 'Right you are'!"
He said many more oddball comments. He tends to run his mouth like crazy in the early hours of the morning. Whew. I ignore them mostly due to complete utter confusion. He must channel Willy Wonka on acid or some thing like that I can't figure it out.

Off we go driving south to the warm FL sun.


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