Ok, now what?

Yesterday we got a little sunburn, so we'll take it easy today. At least not spend as much time in the sun maybe cut out by 2pm. We'll head to the pool this morning and wait for daddy to show up. I want to avoid the peak sun to prevent as much sunburn as possible. Since the girls want to go the beach tomorrow we'll need to be very careful today.

After the pool today I'm not sure what to do. I'd like to do some stuff like knit and read but I feel compelled to have to do something. My husband keeps pressuring me to go and do something. I know I'm at a resort but vacation to me is time to do what I want, not try to cram everything into one day. I want to read and knit. Two things I haven't had time to do, won't have time to do.

I do not want worry about having to do something or be somewhere. I do that every damn day. I want to let the day go, be lazy, relax. Isn't that what a vacation is about?


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