Something about me

I don't like red wine. I will drink it but secretly cringe after each gulp. It will seem like I enjoy it, because I will drink the wine quickly, usually chase it with a bite of food. I know well enough that you should never waste wine.

I don't like beer. I won't drink beer. It is a repulsive drink and my taste buds have yet to accept it as an enjoyable beverage. I make the most amusing faces after one sip. I do however find that Bodington's Pub Ale happens to be the least repulsing beer I've tasted, yet drinking a pint is way more than I want to do, or should do.

I eat eggs almost every day.

I like milk, and drink it every day.

I used to be a vegetarian until I met my husband. I still think pork is frightening and am starting to avoid beef again. Fish is my preferred meat protein, shellfish is a favorite treat. Chicken is the second best.

Coffee is a treat for me. Good strong coffee not that Folgers stuff. I grind my own coffee daily and usually drink 2 cups, 12oz total. I take cream and sugar. I cut back during the summer, and sometimes take it iced.

I am a neat freak. Obsessively so. To save my family's mental health I have to find things to keep me busy otherwise I would be making them crazy. I like picture perfect neat n' tidy homes, having a place for everything, perfectly spacing things on shelves, properly folded laundry, sparkling kitchens and good use of space.

I'm a fantastic cook. I can cook anything, or at least thus far anything I have tried has turned out great. I don't think of cookbooks as strict rules, rather guidelines. I cook by taste, sight and luck. If you come to my house you will never be disappointed. I have had 3 men propose to me based on eating my cheesecake.

I like to do laundry, even like to fold it. I despise putting it away.

I hate to do dishes. Years of being the dishwasher at home has made me hate this task. I don't mind putting them away just hate doing them. I will never live in a house without a dishwasher machine. (Or if I do, I won't wash.)

I twirl my hair as a way to relax and think. I have been doing this forever. I tend to twirl most when I'm in deep thought, usually when I'm trying to make "to do" lists in my head, or listening to a lecture.

My eyesight is getting bad. I used to have super awesome eyesight, now it's going bad quickly. Damn aging thing.

I like red. I prefer that color to wear but blue makes me happy.

I love my pocket-sized dictionary. I use it daily. I love words and am easily amused reading a dictionary. But I like the thesaurus better.

Chocolate is my vice. Dark only please, none of that milk stuff. But I will take it if that's all I have.

Tex-Mex food is something I could live on.


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