Today I learned how to Golf

My husband is so happy. Yesterday was rainy and today it's warm and sunny. We spent a bit of time checking out golf clubs and finally settled on a set for me. An Affinity Golf Affinity Hybrid set with an extra light blue and silver bag. I didn't expect this to happen so fast. Even the girls got a set to share.

We went directly to the driving range to have a real go at the new clubs. I was a little worried. You can kill someone with these things, have you seen how fast those golf balls fly? And being a person that has no skill in swinging a club I was afraid I might hurt someone.

I had a mini-lesson from K-man. So far so good. I have yet to go into a full wind-up swing. I am going to take it slow, get the movement down and then proceed to the full swing. I expect this to be a slow process.

Learned that:
I have an "Old man's" swing according to K-man.
I will have to work around my chest to get a good swing.
My softball grip is going to be my most difficult step to overcome.

I actually like this, man, I can't wait until I can wail on those golf balls. This is going to be great for stress relief.


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