Annual Memorial Day Weekend Family Camping trip

We try every year for this, camping at the National Park, and it's always a last minute thing. We are not so bright sometimes. Camping is never planned more than 4 days in advance.The Plan is for K-man and girls to head up and land a spot on Friday night, I work until 8pm so I was left behind for the night, so sad. I came up to the site Saturday afternoon. Bringing along anything forgotten and needed.

Here's Keith talking to the campfire gods.

Are those native birds?

I arrived late afternoon and was glad to see them. Bubbles are always fun when you camp. There was so much I missed. They met a family, with a friendly little girl and father right when they arrived. (The mom was home with the new puppy.) This was perfect. The girls found a playmate and the dads were able to hang out together. They had a group hike earlier Saturday morning to the waterfall, Olivia is now asking to have hard boiled eggs for a snack just like her new friend. From what I have been told it was a very fun hike. The girl (M) and her father (J) are very nice, I was introduced when we saw them at the wayside store. After supper they came by and shared in the fun of the ice cream ball.

On Sunday we took a hike to Hog Back mountain. At the trail head I found a four-leaf clover. What a lucky day.The hike took us most the day. We sat on some rocks and ate lunch and watched a para-glider float in the sky. The questions we have: How did that person get up there? Where was the point of take off? And how do you get down? We were not around long enough to have them answered so we left wondering. Later that evening we visited our new friends at there site. They were talking with the people next to them and that's how we met another set of great people. P and D were so fun. They offered us food....drinks.....they had tons of liquor......and that was funny. In fact they had lots of everything due in part to the month old new suv. They previously camped with sedans so with all that space the figured they could bring everything. She (P) works for a big-name super popular soft drink company and he (D) is a physicist. While the girls played all the adults talked, for 6 hours, about everything. It was such a fun time. If we were sans kids we would dig hanging out with them.

Our new friend M and J stopped by on the way out to say goodbye. They girls were so cute together, they didn't want to say goodbye, playing together was so fun they said. We like this family. They too like to go out and be busy at parks or anywhere. We have never met a family that likes to be busy as we do.....there's so much to do on beautiful weekends why stay home? I think this may be the beginning of a good friendship. And they live nearby so that will work out just fine. We plan to get together this summer for a bbq or some sort of park visit. I look forward to seeing them again. Overall the trip was fun. The weather was perfect and we met wonderful people. We couldn't have asked for a better time.


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