The happy goodies of Ohio

Here are all the goodies sent home with us from the Great Aunts. Aunt Eileen packed us 2 jars of canned peaches, which I cannot wait to eat for breakfast. Then Aunt Margaret packed up some plants from her garden. Tons of hostas and other things that I'll have to remember. The big surprise was in the apple box. In there Margaret packed all kinds of glass pretties. I love it all. I dig the spice rack, how cool is that? It's red and white with the simple black lettering so nifty. That will need to be cleaned and readied for use in my kitchen. No only for a place to put it. With such a small kitchen I'm going to have to be creative. The fruit plates and mugs are my favorite. A nice size plate which is perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert. I didn't have medium sized plates, all our dinner plates are huge, so these will be used. The memory surprise was the Little Red Riding Hood planter. I was so happy to see Great-Grandma's little Red Riding Hood. I have memories of that delicate little porcelain face. When I was small I would look at that little planter and thought it was pleasant. How wonderful to have it in my home. These were the best birthday gifts. Bits of my past that can come home with me to remind me of my favorite Great Aunts.


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